31 Oct 2013

2 - Honey Badger Radio illustrations : How to be a creep.

Hello everyone,

Today is Halloween... which means absolutely nothing to me. 
Even if some malls try to import this tradition into France, they completely failed until now....
There are almost no pumpkins and orange stuff decorating the stores of my city, and I won't see any children dressed up as ghosts or monsters, walking in the streets, asking for candy tonight.

 Instead, people will visit cemeteries, bringing flowers and prayers for their Lost Loved Ones on November 2. The day for the dead, and all the Saints (La Toutsaint).
It's a quiet and private day. A day dedicated to family. 

But if you like horror movies, here's something for you. I made 3 versions of the same drawing from the movie "The Ring".

Which one do you prefer?

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