4 Nov 2013

3 - "Brainstorming" : an illustrated short story

Hello readers,

I made this little short story a month ago. I hope you'll like it.

And if you are interested in "making off" like me, here is the "crayonné".


  1. Small comment, it's spelled "intolerant", not "intolerent". You might also think about editing the dialogues to make them sound more natural. It looks really nice to me, though.

    1. Thank you for your comments. If you have any suggestions about the dialogues, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so... yeah, they probably sound "unnatural".

    2. I can suggest these changes, but advise that you get someone to check them if you want to include them:

      Page 1: "Nursing school" (title above building)
      "As you know, it is our school's mission to train you into the nursing profession by giving you the knowledge you will need during your work,"
      "but we also strive to make you consider the responsibilities of your future careers."
      "For this purpose, I have the honor of welcoming Mr. Warren Male, who is going to talk to you about your understanding of the genders."

      Page 3: "Anyone wants to start the game?"