30 Dec 2013


Hello Reader,

The public relations cell of this movement says "Equality", but facts show "Egocentrism" (and a lot more).

16 Dec 2013

12 - Honey Badger Radio Illustrations : who's been naughty and who's been nice?

Hello Reader,

In order to celebrate Christmas on this blog, I decided to draw someting "sweet".

First of all, I wanted to show the guys who work in the shadow : James Huff, Phil and myself  (I let you find out who's who).
Why do we look like 10 years old children in this drawing? Because that's how I feel during this time of the year. Like a kid.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

 In addition, I drew "Krampus". I'm not familiar with this character, so he might be different than the one you have in your head (he doesn't exist in Latin countries like France or Italy).
Even Santa's name is different. His name in France is Père Noël.

So, I made a funny Hard-Rock singer/Greek god PAN mixture.

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noël à tous et à toutes !

10 Dec 2013

10 - Sketches, inked drawings, and shadowing

Hello reader,

Here is a sample of my method.

Usually, I  like to start my illustrations with a lot of sketches. I prefer to use down-maket paper during this step. The cheaper the better, because I noticed that I'm completely inhibited everytime I sketch on a sheet of good quality paper... it feels like a waste of resources. I need not to worry about the medium that I use in order to fully concentrate my attention on my drawings.
Then, when I'm happy with my sketches, I start the inking part. I use my computer for this, but I miss the sensations of a chinese brush and a crowquill when I go digital...
Paradoxically, it's a very relaxing time for me. I can ruin hours of work with just a few bad lines, and yet, it makes my stress vanish.

Finally, I add the shadows and the highlights. That's what gives a form its "taste", and its volume.

2 Dec 2013

9 - Honey Badger Radio Illustrations : Bronies and The Shame Game

Hello Reader,

HBR will talk about a group of people that I didn't know : The Bronies (i.e. adult men who enjoy to watch the tv show "my little pony"... I suppose that this name is the contraction of Brother and Pony).

Frankly, I don't find these guys "weird" or "abnormal". But, I hope that the heterosexual ones will be informed that, in spite of the mainstream political correctness that seems to promote "tolerance" and "sensitivity", this behavior won't help them to find a date. (of course, if you are a MGTOW... to hell with these bullshits).

 HBR will talk about "pastimes", and the different reactions to it according to your sex (I don't use the word "gender"... I don't have a gender between my legs).