2 Dec 2013

9 - Honey Badger Radio Illustrations : Bronies and The Shame Game

Hello Reader,

HBR will talk about a group of people that I didn't know : The Bronies (i.e. adult men who enjoy to watch the tv show "my little pony"... I suppose that this name is the contraction of Brother and Pony).

Frankly, I don't find these guys "weird" or "abnormal". But, I hope that the heterosexual ones will be informed that, in spite of the mainstream political correctness that seems to promote "tolerance" and "sensitivity", this behavior won't help them to find a date. (of course, if you are a MGTOW... to hell with these bullshits).

 HBR will talk about "pastimes", and the different reactions to it according to your sex (I don't use the word "gender"... I don't have a gender between my legs).


  1. Excellent artwork, as usual. The Pony versions of the HBR team made me laugh.

  2. Thanks. I try not to be too grim with my illustrations. A bit of goofiness is always nice.