29 Nov 2013

8 - the plow horse and the princess (work in progress)

Hello Reader,

I'm drawing a couple of illustrations for a fairy tale written by Typhon Blue, from "a voice for men", and "honey badger radio". The end product will be a video (with the voice of TB, reading the story).

The title of this fairy tale is "the plow horse and the princess". 

22 Nov 2013

7 - Victimhood Contest

Hello Reader,

Victor Zen is one of my favorite youtuber. He has the ability to express complex thoughts with clarity and sincerity.
His latest video "white men are people too" deals with a phoenomenon that I noticed before : victimhood contest, and how this phenomenon modifies our perception of injustices/sufferings endured by other people . Here is the video :

And here is a little drawing that I made about it :

19 Nov 2013

6 - Honey Badger Radio Illustrations : Brian Banks and the Social Rapist

Hello Reader,

This week's topic is about the sad story of an american sportsman wrongly accused of rape.
I made a digital painting about the treatment of men inside a court of justice some months ago  :


Of course, as usual, I made a couple of illustrations for HBR :

13 Nov 2013

5 - Honey Badger Radio Illustrations : The Sarkeesian Effect - did 4chan white knight?

Hello Reader,

This week I drew something for the fans of Lovecraft.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Let's start with the rough sketch that I used to clarify my ideas :

Then the inked drawing :

And finally the colored drawing :

A close-up on the woman :

4 Nov 2013

3 - "Brainstorming" : an illustrated short story

Hello readers,

I made this little short story a month ago. I hope you'll like it.

And if you are interested in "making off" like me, here is the "crayonné".