30 Jan 2014

19 - Honey Badger Illustrations : Feminist Objectification

Hello Reader,

The topic of this week's show is about "Objectification", i.e. men turning women into sexual objects. Here is my interpretation (click on the pictures to enlarge them). 

Of course, pin-ups are "objectification" incarnated.
If you know the work of Gil Elvgren, you'll recognize where I've found my inspiration for the following drawing :

23 Jan 2014

20 Jan 2014

17 - Le cheval de trait et la Princesse (French)

Hello Reader,

I explained in a previous article that I was drawing some illustrations for a story written by Alison Tieman (aka TyphonBlue). Here is the result of my work (click on the pictures to enlarge them) :

And here is the French version of her story (with my voice). The English version will be done by Alison Tieman herself.

13 Jan 2014

16 - HB Illustrations : Porn! The Awakening!

Hello Reader,

This week, Honey Badger Radio will talk about "gynocentric pornography".

Ah... Pornography... that's not an easy topic. I did my best with this illustration, trying not to be too explicit, and not too prude either. I hope I finally obtained the right balance.

To be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of Porn. Most probably because I don't really need it (I can create my very own porn with my pencils if I need it), but also because I don't like the idea that somebody else is making money with my instincts. In a decent world, sex and money should be separate things (but we're not living in a decent world).

Here is the illustration  (click on the pictures to enlarge them) :

And, as usual, I made a little something about the Honey Badgers, Victorian fashion style. To remind us that not so long ago, showing an ankle was shocking :

8 Jan 2014

15 - Honey Badger Illustrations : First Principles

Hello Reader,

Here is the illustration that I made for this week's show :

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

If you are a fan of Star Trek, maybe you'll enjoy this little sculpture that I made... almost 8 years ago ! 

2 Jan 2014

14 - Brat Princess

Hello Reader,

This year, we will commemorate the deaths of millions of men during WWI, one century ago. That's why I want my first illustration of the year to be about them.

Under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, there is the tomb of an unknown soldier : Le Soldat Inconnu.
It is meant to be a reminder of the stupidity of war. But, lately, I heard a feminist say "there is one person that is even more unknown than the Unknown Soldier... his wife!".
I also remember a French minister ( a woman ) pushing the obscenity by saying that "the worst victims of war are women, because they lose their husbands, their sons, their brothers...".
Yep... men just die... that's not so terrible compared to women's tears, right?

And all those who think that men love war ; all those who think that men have fun during war... have my scorn.

Here is the illustration in English :

The illustration in French :

And finally a close-up on the soldier :