2 Jan 2014

14 - Brat Princess

Hello Reader,

This year, we will commemorate the deaths of millions of men during WWI, one century ago. That's why I want my first illustration of the year to be about them.

Under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, there is the tomb of an unknown soldier : Le Soldat Inconnu.
It is meant to be a reminder of the stupidity of war. But, lately, I heard a feminist say "there is one person that is even more unknown than the Unknown Soldier... his wife!".
I also remember a French minister ( a woman ) pushing the obscenity by saying that "the worst victims of war are women, because they lose their husbands, their sons, their brothers...".
Yep... men just die... that's not so terrible compared to women's tears, right?

And all those who think that men love war ; all those who think that men have fun during war... have my scorn.

Here is the illustration in English :

The illustration in French :

And finally a close-up on the soldier :

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  1. Aux Etats-Unies Hilary Clinton a tenu un discours dans le même genre. C'est une tendance qu'ont les féministes à minimiser les victimes masculines afin de maintenir l'idée que la femme est une éternelle victime de l'homme même si les faits indiquent le contraire. Je sent qu'un de ces jours on va entendre quand un homme à un accident de travail c'est sa femme qui souffre car elle va devoir travailler plus pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille.