30 Jan 2014

19 - Honey Badger Illustrations : Feminist Objectification

Hello Reader,

The topic of this week's show is about "Objectification", i.e. men turning women into sexual objects. Here is my interpretation (click on the pictures to enlarge them). 

Of course, pin-ups are "objectification" incarnated.
If you know the work of Gil Elvgren, you'll recognize where I've found my inspiration for the following drawing :

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  1. I'm not so familiar but would like to learn, looked up some of his art on google images...

    Most that comes up is singular poses, is this a tribute to 4 different works combined?

    Wondering if anyone could do a left>right glossary of who each honey badger is (I recognize TyphonBlue mid-left and GWW mid-right, but not who is far left and far right) and which Elvgren work they are based on...