30 Jun 2014

33 - Non published

Hello Reader,

Here is a drawing that I made for HBR a few months ago (they never used it though)

And I drew some vehicles this week again. If you are interested in that kind of things, here is a car that I drew from my imagination.

20 Jun 2014

32 - Fun with pencils

Hello Reader,

No shows this week. No HBR illustration.

I don't draw a lot of machines, so I practised a little bit this week instead. Here's the result:

13 Jun 2014

31 - Bookmarks (suite)

Hello Reader,

I finished the bookmarks I was doing for HBR during the last couple of weeks.

Here is the result (click on the picture to enlarge it):

And this is the illustration that I made for last week's show :

2 Jun 2014

30 - They Never Miss an Opportunity

Hello Reader,

Some people are not ashamed to use dead people to promote their agenda.
Elliot Rodger's victims won't rest in peace as long as their flesh can be useful to Feminists... even the male ones, right?