11 Sep 2014

43 - False Empathy


  1. Excellent. Your work is great (although there seems to be a possible counterproductive tendency to draw women with exaggerated curves...) This will have greater impact, if misspellings are corrected, so here's some free proofreading:
    (TV:) criples -> cripples ; misoginy -> misogyny ; whinning -> whining ; unatractive -> unattractive

    A suggestion is to maybe use the preposition "up" in frame one, i.e. "You should try opening yourself up." Or substitute "You should share your feelings with me, more." BTW your knowledge of American English idiom and colloquial expressions is very good, and thank you for your art; it is very important to our civilization, to have these issues depicted with such good skill and understanding.

    1. Thank you for this very useful comment. I've got some issues with the spelling of words (I'm a bit of a dyslexic).
      I modified the captions according to your suggestions.

      My English is made of many different elements. School lessons, American TV-shows, novels, documentaries (I love David Attenborough), comic books, video games, etc. That's why my vocabulary (and my accent) is a mishmash of British and American English.