26 Jan 2015

46 - Process

Hello Reader,

Last week I installed a program that allows me to record my drawing sessions. So, this time, I decided to show you how I draw my caricatures.



18 Jan 2015

45 - Je suis Jean-Luc Picard

Hello Reader,

I have to admit that the demonstration in favor of freedom of speech last week in Paris was a bit odd, to say the least.
Why? Because in spite of what the French government tried to show the world, France is not very fond of citizens using their freedom of speech. Actually, this country hates them.

It was so ironic to see the people who silence those who disagree with them joining the demonstration. Ministers, politicians, associations, leaders of lobbies, etc. 
Journalists are fired because they don’t think “right” enough for them. Websites are closed because of them. Humorists are put in jail because of them. But it doesn't matter. It's good for their public image.

Did you know that the drawers of Charlie Hebdo themselves, our new martyrs, tried to ban the Front National (a far right political party) because they didn’t like their message? (they failed)
Very democratic guys.

That’s how it works in France. We respect your right to express your opinions only if you agree with us (if you think properly).
It is the same logic that is used by the Feminists who destroy the posters they don’t like, claiming that they are using their freedom of speech by doing so.

Such hypocrisy (or schizophrenia?) is astounding.

In the meantime, the French government is using this opportunity to create a French style Patriot Act, and to reduce our freedoms a bit more. Big Brother is becoming Grand Frère. But, who cares? People are overwhelmed with their emotions. They are so happy to share the same feelings, and to form a group (at last), or rather to be allowed to feel like a real people. But it won't last, because this "we" is fake. There is no common ground that could link the different elements of the fragmented French society. That's why a police state is appearing here.
The whole story is very depressing, so I want to think about my favorite utopia : Star Trek. It cheers me up.

Everything's good in that show: positive male and female characters ; optimistic vision of the future ; characters driven by the desire to participate to a decent society and the need to explore and expand their knowledge, etc.

The people who imagined Star Trek are the reason why I still think that our world is not completely doomed.

Here is a bunch of caricatures that I did for fun. I hope you'll enjoy them.


(click on the picture to enlarge it)

8 Jan 2015

44 - Know your enemy...

Hello Reader,

For more than 3 months, this blog has been dead. I didn't have any desire to draw about  the subjects that I used to illustrate for HBR, because I needed to "digest" a couple of things. 

But this year, I decided to revive it, like a Phoenix that resurrects from its own ashes.

Of course, it won't be the same. This blog won't be a simple extension of my work for HBR anymore. So, the big question for me is : should I focus on the things that anger me? Or should I focus on the things that make me happy?

I don't know what the tone of my future drawings will be, but I do know that they will be a lot more personnal.


As you may know, 5 French cartoonists/caricaturists have been shot yesterday by 2 fanatical Muslims... I'm not surprised at all. It was to be expected.
Even if I didn't share most of their ideas (they were a group of naive "gauchistes"), these men didn't deserve to be executed for their ideas and opinions. No one deserves that. 

During the 80's, one of these drawers created a character called "Le Beauf" (a French version of the "heterosexual white male with a neck beard and a Fedora"). This character, supposed to be a representation of the typical French man, was racist (especially against Muslims), misogynist, alcoholic, violent, rude, etc.
He was the incarnation of everything these caricaturists hated (sounds familiar?).

They thought he was their enemy.

But he wasn't.

Know your enemy
Nosce Hostem Tuum