8 Jan 2015

44 - Know your enemy...

Hello Reader,

For more than 3 months, this blog has been dead. I didn't have any desire to draw about  the subjects that I used to illustrate for HBR, because I needed to "digest" a couple of things. 

But this year, I decided to revive it, like a Phoenix that resurrects from its own ashes.

Of course, it won't be the same. This blog won't be a simple extension of my work for HBR anymore. So, the big question for me is : should I focus on the things that anger me? Or should I focus on the things that make me happy?

I don't know what the tone of my future drawings will be, but I do know that they will be a lot more personnal.


As you may know, 5 French cartoonists/caricaturists have been shot yesterday by 2 fanatical Muslims... I'm not surprised at all. It was to be expected.
Even if I didn't share most of their ideas (they were a group of naive "gauchistes"), these men didn't deserve to be executed for their ideas and opinions. No one deserves that. 

During the 80's, one of these drawers created a character called "Le Beauf" (a French version of the "heterosexual white male with a neck beard and a Fedora"). This character, supposed to be a representation of the typical French man, was racist (especially against Muslims), misogynist, alcoholic, violent, rude, etc.
He was the incarnation of everything these caricaturists hated (sounds familiar?).

They thought he was their enemy.

But he wasn't.

Know your enemy
Nosce Hostem Tuum

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